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Welcome to the 41st annual VtSHARES campaign season!

This is the time of year when we all invest in our fellow Vermonters by donating to charitable organizations designed to help those in need. Every year Vermont State employees demonstrate the remarkable generosity of spirit through their donations to VtSHARES. This year, we have two goals.  First, we want to raise $260,000.00 for all the worthy charitable organizations benefitting from VtSHARES.  Second, we want to increase the number of employees donating to exceed last year’s total of 984. Let's all take part.

Through our combined efforts, we have provided $9,487,348.39 to local organizations to help those in need since VtSHARES began. We can take pride in the fact that our dollars are helping improve the quality of life for so many by supporting a wide variety of charitable services. Certainly, our efforts have far exceeded any expectations imagined possible when VtSHARES was established in 1977 as the State Employees’ Combined Charitable Appeal.

The economy and environment have continued to be hard on our State, and supporting those in need has always been a trademark of State Employees. We are looking forward to a successful year.
In 2017, a significant number of employees chose to use the VtSHARES Campaign as their preferred way of making voluntary donations to charities of their choice – most of them local organizations. The total amount contributed in 2017 was $247,236.44.

Thank each and every one of you for your efforts, contributions and generosity in making the 2017 Campaign a huge success! Please join us in making the 2018 Campaign even better, thank you. 

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VtSHARES Committee

Email: vtshares@vermont.gov