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As State of Vermont employees, we work hard every day to achieve the Governor's priorities to grow the economy, make Vermont more affordable and protect the most vulnerable. One way we can help achieve those goals is by contributing to areas of need in our neighboring communities. Each fall State of Vermont employees have the choice to designate any amount directly from their paycheck to approved nonprofit organizations, serving Vermont communities that are close to their heart. Each donation is optional and makes a world of difference in the lives of so many.

Through our combined efforts to date, close to $11 million has been pledged by State of Vermont employees to assist local communities in need. We can take pride in the fact that our dollars are helping improve the quality of life for so many by supporting a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. Certainly, our efforts have far exceeded any expectations imagined possible when VtSHARES began, formally known as the State Employees’ Combined Charitable Appeal (SECCA), established in 1977.

The economy and environment have continued to challenge our state and fellow Vermonters, and supporting those in need has always been a trademark of State of Vermont employees. 

Once again, we thank all State of Vermont employees for their support and invite you explore this site and the opportunities it provides.