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Sunset with silhouette of soman holding her right arm up holding a bunch of red balloons with the words “We inspire others to give back to the community.”

VtSHARES Coordinating Committee Members

​Chair, Melissa Mazza-Paquette, 802-828-3322, Agency of Administration

Member, Terry Smith, 802-828-5667, Agency of Agriculture

Member, Maureen Gaidys, 802-828-0047, Agency of Education

Member, Christie Omodeo, 802-241-0399, Vermont Health Access

Member, Candi LaFreniere, 802-828-2372, Vermont Secretary of State

Campaign Support, Trudy Marineau, 802-828-3997, Agency of Digital Services

Campaign Support, Holly Hayden, 802-828-3537, Agency of Transportation

Advisory Coordinator of Participating Umbrella Organizations

Tawnya Kristen, VtSHARES Campaign Umbrella Organizations Coordinator